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31 dogs in SPCA care after cruelty investigation

This photo, provided by the BC SPCA, shows three of the 31 dogs seized from a breeder. This photo, provided by the BC SPCA, shows three of the 31 dogs seized from a breeder.

One dog had to be euthanized and dozens of others are suffering after being surrendered by a breeder during an animal cruelty investigation, according to the BC SPCA

The charity has taken 31 dogs of various ages and breeds into care including dachshunds, poodles and mini-schnauzers.

The animals were living on a property in Clearwater where they were confined to a filthy, dark building without adequate heat, according to a spokesperson, who also said they had not received veterinary care or been socialized.

“This is an incredibly sad situation all around,” said Eileen Drever, in a media release Tuesday.

“These dogs were treated as commodities and are not only dealing with physical health issues, but are suffering psychologically. The dogs are extremely fearful. Many couldn’t be touched at all and the dogs cowered in fear when the owner came near.”

Because of how much rehabilitation and veterinary care the dogs will need, it is not yet clear when they will be available for adoption, Drever added, saying many of the pups have been observed pacing back and forth in their kennels since coming into care.

An older dachshund was found with a massive, metastatic tumour on her abdomen and was euthanized because "nothing could be done" to treat her cancer.

One of the red flags Drever pointed out about this "irresponsible" breeder was that they would only meet prospective buyers in parking lots.

“If they won’t let you visit the dogs where they are being housed, don’t purchase a dog from them,” she said.

The BC SPCA says it will be recommending charges in this case. Top Stories


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