VANCOUVER - At times people reportedly paid $350 just to ride the elevator up and into Rees Cameron’s penthouse suite for what he called the "the most exclusive house party ever."

The Halloween bash allegedly thrown on Oct. 27, 2018 at Cameron’s apartment in a property on Vancouver’s Pacific Street has handed the self-proclaimed "party professional" a lawsuit.

In a notice of civil claim filed to BC Supreme Court, his landlord is suing Cameron for more than $60,000 in missed rent and damage to the property – most of which it claims happened during the party.

In the court documents, Onni Property Management accuses Cameron of breaking a lease agreement by running a business through his suite, having a pet without paying a pet deposit and damaging the flooring, among other claims.

Onni also claims Cameron allowed guests to smoke and vape inside the suite and in common areas which it states is against his tenancy agreement.

According to the lawsuit, Cameron’s Halloween party resulted in numerous noise complaints, parking infractions and a flood in the balcony which damaged neighbouring suites.

The party was documented by Mix Society in a video posted on YouTube.

In the video Cameron tells a host his party is called "Deadhaus." He tours the videographer through his 4,000-square-foot apartment with five bedrooms – each complete with a jacuzzis.

The video also shows go-go dancers, a DJ and a Michael Jackson impersonator.

Cameron implied that 300 people were invited to the party and at 10 p.m. police officers are seen coming in to inspect the suite. According to Cameron, "the police were here because the concierge called them and said the party was out of hand."

"So we let them up, they took one look and they said 'yeah this is fine,'" Cameron said in the video.

In an interview with CTV News Vancouver Thursday, Cameron added the party was "completely under control." He said they were very careful about the guest list, usually only inviting "successful entrepreneurs from downtown Vancouver."

He added there was never a move in or move out inspection done, and that he took "really good care" of the condo.

Onni’s seeking compensation for Bailiff fees, storage costs and other expenses associated what it claims was a premature end to Cameron’s lease agreement.

Cameron is also one of the organizers of a massive party at a rented house in Anmore in June.

That event was also well documented by video and appeared to feature luxury cars, limos and helicopters.

At the time, the party angered Anmore’s mayor and also sparked a Transport Canada investigation.

"It was something on my bucket list," Cameron said of bringing the aircraft. "My bucket list might be a little different than most people's, but I wanted to helicopter into a pool party."

None of the allegations against Cameron have been proven in court.