It was like something out of a music video: a party with hundreds of guests, a dozen luxury vehicles and even helicopters.

The problem is, the tranquil Village of Anmore was not the appropriate setting for it, according to Mayor John McEwen.

"It was a pretty serious situation. We had reports of public drunkenness, nudity, and this is not Anmore," McEwen told CTV News.

The big bash happened on Saturday and for the past couple of days, council got an earful from angry residents, prompting a heated discussion during Tuesday night’s council meeting.

"We are going to be on top of it so it doesn’t happen again," McEwen said.

The mayor has questions about whether a chopper can even land at a residence. He said council will be following up with Transport Canada to see if the party organizer violated any federal rules or regulations.

Justin Plosz, who owns a public relations company, said he organized the bash for his friend’s birthday. He doesn't believe he broke any rules.

"Well, it is private property," he said.

Plosz had been renting the Anmore estate for the past 10 months and shortly after the party, he moved out.

"We provided our notice to the landlord and then asked for permission to host the event," he explained.

At one point, several RCMP officers attended the party but it was allowed to carry on.

"The police didn’t have a problem with it," Plosz said. "It was never out of hand."

The mayor said he would like to learn why authorities didn’t take more action.

"I’m very concerned about it and I don’t want to comment further until we hear more," he said.

First responders were also called to revive a man who was suffering from an overdose.

"He had an overdose of some sort so we hit him with a needle to counteract all the drugs that he had. He was a big guy so they hit him with another one," Plosz explained.

While the Village of Anmore looks for ways to stop a similar party from happening, the organizer is already looking forward to his next event.

"Bigger and badder and more excitement is key," he said. "Hopefully, we don’t cause quite the ruckus."