VANCOUVER -- It may just be a minivan, but Daniel Watson describes his vehicle as heavenly.

“It’s a damn good van, I tell you,” said the retired military man. “I was extremely impressed with this Chevy Uplander, that my wife and I called the ‘Godlander Van.’”

On Tuesday night, Vancouver firefighters accidentally hit the vehicle while backing-up on Jackson Avenue, and witnesses say the van was dragged up the block.

“I moved it across the street so the fire truck could get out of the pickle he was in. It made noises it had not made prior to that,” said Watson.

The damage isn’t much to look at – the taillight assembly is cracked and there’s a hole in the back – but Watson says the transmission is shot and the van can’t be driven. He’s a plumber and needs it to make a living.

The firefighter apologized and told Watson they would deal with the issue right away.

When he called ICBC, the insurance corporation told him the claim couldn’t be processed until the incident was reported by the fire department.

Two days after the crash, it still hadn’t been reported. For many people, that’s hardly an eternity, but for Watson, the time without his van is critical.

“I have nothing but respect for the firefighters and paramedics of the city of Vancouver. I know exactly what they go through,” he said. “I spent 15 years in the United States Navy, I spent eight years as a combat medic in the United States Marine Corps.”

CTV News contacted the City of Vancouver and the fire department. A couple of hours later, they said ICBC had now been contacted.

“Both Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services and the City of Vancouver’s Risk Management department are aware of this situation,” wrote Assistant Fire Chief Ryan Hayes in an email. “A claim has been opened with ICBC in respect to this incident and all relevant reporting has been completed.”