A new and used furniture store that went up in flames in an early morning fire is being considered "a total loss."

Fire crews arrived at the industrial building and warehouse on Imperial Avenue on Burnaby shortly before 2 a.m. but were unable to extinguish the flames as they gutted the business, called Qic furniture.

The store has been in the location for roughly the past four or five years, according to the owner.

Fire officials say it appears the inferno started in a vehicle parked behind the building that caught fire.

"It looked like it was a truck that was initially burning so at that time it spread to the building and in the furniture store there was a lot of fuel, a lot for the fire to take hold of," said Asst. Chief Laine Zimmerman of Burnaby Fire.

The cause of the fire will be investigated but Zimmerman said the building itself is a total write off.

"The roof has collapsed so there won't be much left."

The building was unoccupied at the time and no injuries have been reported.

Crews brought the flames under control within several hours and focused on putting out hot spots.

Two houses directly behind the store were flooded as the store was doused with torrents of water.

Alex Milani, the owner of the building, told CTV Vancouver they are fully insured, and the building was recently renovated.

Milani said it's "kind of fortunate in a way, almost ironic" that he owns a well-known restoration company, and will actively participate in the cleanup.

"Our crew is coming out to take care of all the restoration work and see if we can minimize the damages," he said.