The mayor of the Vancouver Island community that murder suspects Bryer Schmegelsky and Kam McLeod called home says she’s saddened by the discovery of two bodies believed to be the teens. 

"This is not what we were hoping for," said Sharie Minions, mayor of Port Alberni. "As a mother I really feel for what the local families have struggled with over the last few weeks, and the families of the victims. This is an unimaginable loss." 

Minions has respected the families’ privacy during the manhunt, but plans on reaching out to them today to offer condolences. 

"It’s a horrible, horrible outcome," she said. "There are so many unknowns still. I think what our community was hoping for is an understanding. And may not get that now." 

We may never get answers on motive, but Minions believes the end of the manhunt will offer some comfort to people living in northern Manitoba. 

“I hope at least this can offer some closure for the communities in Gillam and around Gillam and the people who live there who can move on and start to feel safe in their communities again,” she said.