The manhunt spanned three provinces in July and August and now police are releasing the information that lead them to believe teens, Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky were the ones who killed three people in northern B.C. 

Police confirmed the teens died in a suicide pact, and stated McLeod shot Schmegelsky and then took his own life. 

They are accused of killing tourists Lucas Fowler and Chyna Deese and B.C. resident Leonard Dyck. The murders were more than 500 kilometres apart, and approximately a 7.5 hour drive.

In videos found by police, Mounties say the Schmegelsky and McLeod took responsibility for all three murders. 

Mounties confirm it was the matching ammunition at both murders that lead them to link the cases. 

Two rifles were found with their bodies and were determined to be the same guns used in Fort Nelson and Dease Lake. 

The teens were originally deemed missing until new information came to light suggesting that wasn’t the case. Mounties have now released how they got there. 

Mounties found a digital camera where the bodies of the teens were found, and on it are six videos and three still images. According to police, none of the videos contain information about a motive.

Mounties described the teens in the videos as "cold," that they "lacked remorse,"  and that the teens "lacked what you would find to be a normal human emotional response." Police will not be releasing these videos but summarized them as follows: 

  • Video one is 58 seconds long and in it police say both teens are visible and Schmegelsky stated they are responsible for the three murders. They also say they were going to march to Hudson Bay where they planned to highjack a boat and go to Europe or Africa.
  • Video two is 51 seconds long and in it Schmegelsky stated they'd reached the river and suggested they may have to take their lives. McLeod agreed in the video and again they took credit for killing three people. 
  • Video three is 32 seconds long and Schmegelsky says they have shaved in preparation for their own death. They now plan to go back to kill more people and expect to be dead in a week. 
  • Video four is 19 seconds long and they describe they are going to shoot themselves. 
  • Video five is six seconds long and appeared to have been taken unintentionally.
  • Video six is 31 seconds long and McLeod and Schmegelsky state this is their last will and testament and express their wish to be cremated. 

Police believe the teens worked in a partnership and that there was no clear leader.