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'That's it?': The Price is Right host and contestant shocked at value of trip to New Westminster


A contestant on The Price is Right lost his chance at a trip to a B.C. city on Monday’s episode, after he overestimated the value of such a prize by a few thousand dollars.

The vacation up for grabs — introduced as an “amazing trip to beautiful Canada” — was a stay in New Westminster.

The prize included round-trip flights from Los Angeles to Vancouver and a six-night stay at the Inn at the Quay, which sits on the bank of the Fraser River, just steps away from the New Westminster SkyTrain Station.

“Take in scenic water and boardwalk views at this boutique hotel located nearby popular arts spaces, shops and restaurants,” the announcer said.

Now, how much do you think a six-night stay in New West is worth?

The contestant, Phillip, took a guess by playing the “Balance Game,” where he had to place the right combination of bags valued at $280, $1,000, $4,000 and $7,000 on a scale to balance it with the correct price of the trip.

He put the $7,000 bag, $1,000 bag and $280 bag on the scale—estimating the prize was worth $8,280.

When the actual value was revealed, both Phillip and host Drew Carey were shocked.

“What? That’s it?” Carey asks in disbelief. “That’s way less than I thought it was going to be.”

Apparently, a vacation in the Lower Mainland city is worth $5,280 USD—or $7,289 CAD.

“We haven’t had a $5,000 trip in awhile,” Carey added.

According to its website, a one-night stay in a basic room at the Inn at the Quay this weekend would cost $155—however there is a 40 per cent off sale happening right now.

“I actually don’t consider it actually funny,” city councillor Daniel Fontaine said of the viral TV moment. He said he’s grateful for the exposure his city is getting out of the situation.

“While some people might be chuckling, I know that the people who live in New Westminster fully appreciate that this is a beautiful tourist destination and a place that a lot of people would want to come and visit,” he told CTV News.

“(The Price is Right) is putting New Westminster on the tourism map and it’s helping to elevate it even if it’s in a funny way.”

As for the price that surprised host and contestant alike, Fontaine said, “I actually love it, because it sends a clear message that if you want to come to a beautiful place like the city of New Westminster you can actually do it in a very affordable way.”

He said any tourist looking for a low-ish-cost Lower Mainland vacation should consider B.C.’s former capital.

“This city is filled with an incredible amount of places to visit,” Fontaine said. “There’s no shortage of things to do in six days.”

So Phillip, if you’re reading this, maybe pay New Westminster a visit if you ever find yourself in B.C. Top Stories


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