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Poisoning suspected in deaths of 2 dogs in B.C. community, RCMP say

A dog bowl and leash are seen in this undated stock image. (Image: Shutterstock) A dog bowl and leash are seen in this undated stock image. (Image: Shutterstock)

Dog owners in Trail, B.C., are being urged to keep their pets inside as Mounties investigate the deaths of two family dogs believed to have been poisoned with strychnine.

The investigation began Tuesday after one dog died on Sunday and another died on Monday, according to a statement from the RCMP. The owners are neighbours with large properties, and the animals are described by police as "occasional playmates."

In the first case, a woman reported that she found her dog dead in the yard. Poisoning was not suspected until the following day, when the same woman noticed her neighbour's dog eating a piece of meat in the yard.

"A short time later, the playmate’s owner discovered his dog convulsing on his property before rushing it to the local veterinary hospital," the statement from the Trail RCMP says.

"Unfortunately, his dog died in transport despite his quick action and valiant efforts to save its life."

Lab testing confirmed the presence of the poison, and led police to the conclusion that the first dog was also likely to have died after ingesting the lethal substance.

"The officer concluded that the first dog had likely been poisoned with strychnine as well. The officer believed an unknown person may have been illegally baiting coyotes with poisoned meat in an effort to kill the wild animals," the statement on the detachment's website continues.

The use of strychnine in this manner is illegal but common, according to police. The BC Conservation Officer Service has been notified and police are asking anyone with information about these incidents to call 250-364-2566. Top Stories

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