VANCOUVER -- Police are advising the public that a 69-year-old man from Surrey, B.C. who is charged with sexual offences involving a child has been released on bail.

Gurchetan Singh Samra was charged with sexual interference and sexual assault back in April, but authorities initially withheld his name over concerns about a possible publication ban in the case.

On Friday, about eight months after the suspect's arrest, the Delta Police Department shared his identity and the terms of his bail with the public. They did not provide an image of Samra or a description of his appearance, however.

Authorities said Samra isn't allowed to be alone with anyone who "reasonably appears to be under the age of 16," and he's barred from having contact – direct or indirect – with anyone who is 15 years old or younger.

He's not to visit daycare centres, school grounds, playgrounds, parks, public swimming areas and community centres where one could reasonably expect to find people under the age of 16, and can't take any job or volunteer position that could bring him into contact with someone younger than 16.

Police have been monitoring the accused since his release, but Insp. Guy Leeson asked anyone who sees Samra breaching his conditions to contact authorities immediately.

The suspect's alleged offences took place in January 2019 in Delta, according to police.

Leeson said sex offences involving children often happen in situations where the accused is in a position of trust or authority over the victim.

"It is important for parents and primary caregivers to be alive to any situation that may put their child at risk, and for them to make the appropriate enquiries to ensure their child’s safety," he said in a statement.

Delta police asked anyone with information on Samra to call the department's Sexual Offences Section at 604-946.4411.