Hailing from the tiny logging town of Ladysmith, British Columbia, 19 year old Stephanie Lang is perhaps at first glance an unlikely troubadour. But the unique combination of her mixed heritage coupled with growing up in the remote working town of 7500, provided just the right atmosphere to fuel Stephanie's youthful pursuit of truthful expression and self-knowledge. This drive to achieve her ultimate expression eventually caused her to pack up her guitar and walk away from small town life at 17 and relocate, on her own, to Vancouver to chase her songwriting dreams and locate kindred spirits.

An extremely prolific writer and performer, Stephanie, now works closely with many diverse and talented musicians in the vibrant Vancouver songwriting scene, particularly those that make up the respected weekly songwriting circle Hipjoint Throwdown, of which she has become a core member.

"Give A Little Bit" is but a tiny glimpse into the wonderful mind of a budding new storyteller - perhaps the next in what is already a long line of world-renowned Canadian singer songwriters.