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Pro-Palestinian protest blocks traffic near B.C. port


Drivers travelling through Delta, B.C., Monday were warned to expect major delays on some roads as pro-Palestinian protesters blocked traffic near the port.

A social media post from DriveBC shared shortly before 8:30 a.m. said traffic was blocked in both directions along Deltaport Way, near 41B Street, "due to pedestrians on the roadway."

"Truck traffic should expect major delays," the post said.

While the Transportation Ministry didn't share additional details about why pedestrians were on the road, posts on social media said the group had blocked traffic to call for "a full, immediate two-way arms embargo on Israel."

"Stop arming genocide," Atiya Jaffar wrote on X, sharing a picture of dozens of protesters blocking the road.

A pro-Palestinian group planned a co-ordinated effort across many cities around the world Monday to "identify and blockade major choke points in the economy."

"We must recognize that the global economy is complicit in genocide and together we will co-ordinate to disrupt and blockade economic logistical hubs and the flow of capital," a statement from the group, A15 Economic Blockade, says.

Delta police told CTV News Vancouver they're aware of the demonstration and are "liaising with the protest group."

"Our officers will remain on scene with the primary goal of ensuring public safety, to preserve life and property, as well as to preserve the peace," Acting Insp. James Sandberg said in an emailed statement. "Our officers are also working with the protesters to restore use of the roadway as soon as possible."

Global Container Terminals, which operates Deltaport, told CTV News Vancouver the protests are "severely impacting (their) operations."

"Illegal protesters' actions are causing an unsafe situation on the Roberts Bank causeway for the truckers that are being held there," the statement said. "We call on the law enforcement agencies to act quickly so we can return to safe and normal operations at Canada’s largest container terminal."

Just after 12 p.m., DriveBC wrote that the roadway was “fully clear” in both directions. 

Israel declared war in response to Hamas's unprecedented cross-border attack on Oct. 7, in which the Islamic militant group killed some 1,200 people, mostly civilians, and took 250 others hostage. It was the deadliest attack in Israel's history and the deadliest for Jews since the Holocaust.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has condemned Israel's response in recent weeks, demanding a full investigation into an Israeli airstrike that killed seven aid workers, including a Canadian-U.S. citizen, who were delivering food to Gaza.

More than one million Palestinians in Gaza have been displaced, and aid agencies warn the situation is dire, with access to food and medicine extremely limited.

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