COQUITLAM - A home on a quiet Coquitlam street has become the focus of a homicide investigation after two people were found dead inside.

Neighbours told CTV News Vancouver they first noticed some police activity on Seaton Avenue on Monday evening, with more than half a dozen police cars on the street. Then, on Tuesday, they say an Integrated Homicide Investigation Team tent was put up by police.

Investigators have confirmed police were first called to the home around 3:30 p.m. on Monday.

In a news release, IHIT said the two people knew each other, and police are not looking for any other suspects. They said one of the people was the victim of a homicide, while the circumstances surrounding the other person's death are still being determined. No names have been released.

People who live nearby said police have asked them for information.

“They just asked us if we had heard anything, any parties Sunday night,” said Emmett McRae, who lives on the corner. He said he had not heard anything.

Dean Hubbard, who also lives on Seaton Avenue, said he noticed forensic investigators on his street on Tuesday.

“I saw them getting suited up and thought, oh, this is serious,” Hubbard said. “I’d come home at lunch and saw them putting on their white investigation suits, or whatever was going on, At that point, I thought, this is something.”

Forensic officers could be seen coming in and out of the front door for most of Wednesday.

Hubbard says the street is very quiet, as many homes are boarded up and slated for re-development. He says squatters are sometimes an issue, but he believes two people have been renting the home investigators are focusing on.

IHIT said investigators may in the neighbourhood for several more days as they gather evidence.