VANCOUVER -- It’s been several weeks since my little surprise arrived unexpectedly. I’m finally settling into the groove of motherhood and it’s time to share him with all of you!

Meet John Robert Hiram Lockwood, born Jan. 19. JR arrived earlier than expected, so the whole experience took us by complete surprise.

Monday, Jan. 18, I woke up suddenly at 5:30 a.m. to a strange sensation, like a tap had been turned on in our bed. Is that my water breaking? No contractions, no pain. I gently called out my sleeping husband’s name and told him what was happening. Ryan jumped out of bed – I’ve never seen him run so fast! It was only week 36. I had one more week of work left, and expected to have at least another week of nesting at home after that. We were stunned.

There was no hospital bag ready. (When they tell you to pack that bag early in your third trimester, listen! Don’t be caught off guard like me!) I threw some things in a backpack, called St. Paul’s Hospital and less than 24 hours later we were holding our healthy baby boy in our arms.

Our lives have been completely transformed – and we are so in love. Everyday I look into his beautiful eyes and I can’t believe he is my son. We are finally parents and life is so sweet.

It’s also very tiring, and a huge amount of work! I’ve been full-on with my son, spending all my time focusing on him. I am glad to finally be in a rhythm, which means I can take some time to write and share with all of you!

I want to thank TV Week for their article on my pandemic pregnancy and feature on our new family. Please pick up a copy on newsstands this week!

Until Nest Time,

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