A new cat cafe aimed at connecting homeless felines with potential guardians and providing animal therapy for the community is set to open its doors in Vancouver this month.

In an Instagram post on Friday, Catoro Cafe announced it will officially open at 666 East Broadway on July 29.

"We house rescue cats to temporarily live while also being a neighbourhood retreat and bubble tea cafe that allows our community to come relax and relieve stress by bonding with our friendly cats," the business said on its website.

Catoro will also feature what it calls a "cat forest," which visitors can book for 30 minutes at a time.

"When you enter you will be transported to a mystical land of cats in all shapes and sizes that are ready to take you on an adventure," the cafe's site said.

According to the website, Cataro is partnering with the Cat Therapy and Rescue Society, which focuses on urgent medical cases and animals with special needs that are often turned away because they need expensive treatment.

Several adoptable cats are already listed on the cafe's website.