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'Completely and utterly unfair:' B.C.-based cleaning company called out again for delaying payments to workers


Contractors for the B.C.-based, Canada-wide cleaning company Scrubbi say they're owed hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of dollars.

"I've been trying to get my second pay period and they've owed me that for a month," said Melissa Beaupre, who says she's owed approximately $470.

Beaupre and other contractors showed CTV News several emails from the company, citing "unexpected issues with our bank."

Jessica Russell of Victoria says she's owed around $2,000 and is struggling to pay her bills.

"It's completely and utterly unfair," said Russell, who claims she's sent dozens of emails to the company. "[They say] we're in a processing queue, it's the bank's fault."

Bailey Wirth, also from Victoria, says she's owed more than $1,300.

"It said that it would be in my account Aug. 27, and no pay was there. Then I got another email saying my payment would be in my account by Sept. 9, that also wasn't there," said Wirth.

A similar story played out in April when contractors from all over western Canada came forward to CTV News citing missed payments and poor communication from the company.

After the story aired, CEO, Daniel Deckert eventually issued a statement to CTV News apologizing to those impacted and blaming the issue on switching to a "new payment processing system."

CTV News reached out to the company several times for comment on this matter but has yet to receive a response.

Russell, Beaupre and Wirth all say they won't go away quietly and are exploring their options.

"I just don't want this to happen to other people," said Beaupre. Top Stories

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