A 30-year-old snowboarder has been rescued after he ventured out of bounds on Cypress Mountain on Saturday.

North Shore Search and Rescue sent crews to reach the Vancouver man, who was below the snowline in the Montizambert Creek area, on Saturday afternoon. According to West Vancouver police, the man had ventured out of bound with a friend, and the two got separated. The friend managed to make it back inbounds, and notified the police that his partner was missing

Searchers reached the stranded snowboarder by 10:15 p.m., and he and the team were able to hike back down to Highway 99 by 12:30 a.m.

Tim Jones, with North Shore Search and Rescue, said the rescue started around 3 p.m., and required three field teams and the help of Cypress Mountain patrol teams.

Jones stressed the importance of staying inbounds.

“Our disappointment at lack of common sense by some people…we just hope people just really understand the impact they’re having on search-and-rescue and the police and Cypress Resort,” he said.

Police say the rescued snowboarder was wet and cold, but uninjured.

This is the second rescue that North Shore Search and Rescue have conducted on Cypress Mountain in a week. On Tuesday, crews rescued 33-year-old Sebastien Boucher after the snowboarder spent three days out in the elements.

The high-risk rescue forced crews to leave behind two sets of expensive, life-saving gear, one of which was recovered on Saturday. Cypress Mountain has also issued Boucher a fine for ignoring posted warning signs.