Search and rescue crews resumed the search Tuesday morning for a 33-year-old Vancouver man who went missing while snowboarding out-of-bounds on Cypress Mountain Sunday.

Crews will be searching by helicopter beginning at around 9 a.m. for the man who has been stranded on the mountain for two nights in heavy snow and freezing temperatures.

As the sun set Monday evening, North Shore Rescue team leader Tim Jones said he was confident the boarder was still alive because he had sent voice mail and text messages from the snowy mountainside.

But without daylight, helicopter crews were called back in, and the treacherous terrain and weather conditions meant there was a limited amount that ground crews could accomplish.

“We’re going to try our best to get him,” Jones promised. “I just really want to say to the public: this is what happens when you go out of bounds. This guy potentially could die.”

Authorities have had no qualms expressing their frustration at the snowboarder, whom police said must have passed by fencing and posted warning signs before losing his way in the Montizambert Creek area.

“Not only is he putting himself in danger, but also the search and rescue teams and first responders in the area,” West Vancouver Police Const. Tammy Khorram said.

It is unknown whether the man is experienced or prepared for the backcountry.

Harsh winter weather hampered search efforts from the sky Monday, but two separate ground crews have been scouring the area since the early morning hours.

Though the members were cold and exhausted by nightfall, they said time is of the essence and that they would continue to search as long as they could.

Jones said it was particularly upsetting that the man went missing after authorities had spent days warning the public to stay in bounds and out of the backcountry due to avalanche danger.

“He’s had a rough night but you know, he’s a maker of his own demise here,” Jones said.

With a report from CTV British Columbia’s Shannon Paterson