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Men testing replica firearm by shooting a carrot leads to police callout

An airsoft gun is seen in this undated stock image. (Shutterstock) An airsoft gun is seen in this undated stock image. (Shutterstock)

Police are warning the public against replica firearms in open spaces after officers were called about two men who allegedly had a gun near a North Vancouver construction site earlier this week.

North Vancouver RCMP shared details about the incident on social media Wednesday, saying officers were called Monday night. According to the report, two men were spotted with guns on Lonsdale Avenue, prompting officers to head to the area quickly.

Police found the men matching the description, as well as an airsoft gun that was in their possession.

"They had recently purchased the replica firearm and wanted to test it by shooting a carrot in a grassy area," the RCMP's social media post said.

When asked in the comments if the carrot was OK, North Vancouver RCMP responded, "Thankfully yes! We got to it before it got taken out."

Jokes aside, Mounties urged people to not use replica firearms – which can include airsoft guns – in public or open settings. In fact, replica guns that aren't antiques and closely resemble an existing make and model of a gun are prohibited devices in Canada

"While they may seem harmless, they can cause panic and will elicit a police response," Mounties said. Top Stories

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