Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary is looking for people to adopt its remaining 70 rescued parrots. 

The exotic birds were part of the 584 parrots rescued from heartbreaking conditions in the World Parrot Refuge on Vancouver Island three years ago. 

Greyhaven’s medical bill for the rescued parrots in the first five month was over $500,000. 

“Often when we tell people about what’s involved in caring for a parrot. They say that it sounds like you’re trying to convince me not to get a parrot,” Greyhaven’s Director of Communications Jan Robson told CTV News. 

“Unless you’re able to accommodate noise, mess, constantly trying to stimulate their brains and giving them that social interaction. Yes, I’m trying to discourage you. So we’re looking for someone who’s aware of all those things.”

Anyone interested in adopting a parrot can visit Greyhaven’s website.