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ICBC won’t pay condo owners full damages for vehicle that crashed into building


ICBC has informed condo owners in a White Rock building that they are on the hook for thousands of dollars to repair damage from a crash that they had nothing do with – and didn’t cause.

On a snowy December night, two vehicles collided, sending one of them crashing into a lower suite of the building on Thrift Avenue.

Nobody was badly injured, but the impact caused significant damage.

When the strata reported the incident to ICBC, the corporation requested two quotes for repairs, and ultimately chose to pay for the cheaper of the options.

But there was a catch.

ICBC expected the strata to pay 20 per cent of the bill, because their building was older and likely lost value over the years.

“No-fault insurance has become our fault,” said strata treasurer Ken Harverson. “And probably everybody in the province of B.C. that has the same issue. It’s going to be their fault too.”

ICBC told CTV News it will pay $28,127 based on quote for $31,950 plus GST.

That means the strata would have to pay roughly $5,000.

“This makes zero sense,” said Liberal MLA and ICBC critic Trevor Halford.

“We need some common sense to prevail. The fact is, that these people had nothing to do with this accident. This is somebody’s home that’s been badly damaged and it needs to be fixed to the standards that it was just prior to the accident. This is completely unacceptable.” 

The insurer told CTV News in an email that they are responsible for repairing damage caused by a crash, but they are not responsible for making a building better than it was before a motor vehicle incident.

“Owners of property damaged as a result of a collision with a B.C. motorist can pursue damages through the legal system,” read a statement from a spokesperson.

“It’s just like a bully tactic,” said Harverson. “They are the only game in town, and they are making the rules.” Top Stories

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