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'I don't scare easy': Sky-diving great-grandmother celebrates 99th birthday in B.C.


At almost 99 years old, Lucy Koenig is still up for an adventure. So to celebrate her upcoming birthday, the thrill-seeking great-grandmother decided to make it memorable by jumping tandem from an airplane.

And she took her great-grandson along for a skydiving experience they will never forget.

“She’s a daredevil,” said Nicholas Tait, Koenig’s great-grandson who also said it was an honour to jump with her.

“She has no fear, no fear at all,” he said.

Speaking before the jump, Koenig said she wasn’t scared.

“I’m not nervous at all,” she explained.

The fearless senior has already done ziplining, ridden an elephant, and a few years ago, she went skydiving for the first time.

On Monday, she was up for skydiving round two.

“I don’t scare easy,” she said.

“I promised my great grandson I’m going to jump with him and now is the time,” the senior said.

Perhaps her resilience is something she learned at a young age.

She grew up in Austria and has lived long enough to have been there through WW II.

“My mother was Jewish and my father wouldn’t divorce her so she was protected,” Koenig explained.

“But her part of the family went to a concentration camp, seventeen members. And never came back,” she said.

Koenig said the experience may have made her the type of person who doesn’t give in.

And perhaps it also made her the kind of person that believes taking risks is worth in.

After preparing for her jump with an instructor at the Skydive Vancouver centre in Abbotsford, Koenig and her grandson jumped from about 10,000 feet. Both landed without a hitch.

She said while she was a little cold as she floated back down to the ground, she was mostly just enjoying the view.

Koenig said even though skydiving may not be everybody’s “cup of tea”, her advice to others is to, “live life to the fullest and do what makes you happy.”

Koenig is certainly doing that.

As for what she has planned for her 100th birthday? She says she's still trying to figure that out. Top Stories

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