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Hunter attacked after shooting bear in B.C.'s Okanagan

A close-up of a black bear. (Chen Te/Pexels) A close-up of a black bear. (Chen Te/Pexels)

A hunter was attacked by a black bear near Summerland, B.C., this week after he shot and wounded the animal.

The incident happened Thursday morning while the hunter and one other person were out near Agur Lake, according to the B.C. Conservation Officer Service.

"The man approached the bear, believing it had been killed, when it suddenly got up, knocked him down and attacked," the BCCOS said in a Facebook post Friday.

"The man was able to fire another shot but the bear got away and was not located."

Authorities did not disclose the extent of the hunter's injuries, but said they were not life-threatening.

The encounter prompted a public advisory as conservation officers scoured the area for the wounded animal.

An hours-long search turned up no sign of the bear on Thursday, but the BCCOS confirmed officers located the animal's carcass on Friday. Top Stories

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