VANCOUVER - A Crown prosecutor is asking a British Columbia judge to deliver a sentence of up to four years to a man convicted of criminally harassing his ex-wife through a revenge website.

Mark Myhre says Patrick Fox should be sentenced to two to three years for criminal harassment, plus six to 12 months for a conviction for illegally possessing firearms.

After accounting for time served, Fox would be incarcerated for two years less a day, plus three years of probation the Crown is also seeking.

Fox was found guilty by a jury in June of criminally harassing his former spouse Desiree Capuano through threatening emails and a website that maligns her as a white supremacist, drug addict and child abuser.

Myhre says it is troubling that Fox truly believes these allegations, despite a lack of any real evidence, and that Fox insists the website is justified given how Capuano supposedly mistreated him.

He says Fox blames Capuano for having him deported from the U.S. without their teenage son, but refuses to acknowledge he was staying in the country illegally or that she allowed the boy to visit him in the summer.