Search crews are scouring Harrison Lake after a swimmer went missing in the glacier-fed waters Tuesday.

A group of boaters said they found one man in the lake and pulled him out in the afternoon, but a second man remains unaccounted for.

"We threw our life jacket to him and then we threw some rope to him," Darlene Delaney told CTV News. "We got him in the back of our boat, he could barely sit up. [He] threw up all over the back of our boat. Yeah, pretty scary."

About a dozen searchers spent the afternoon searching the lake by boat and air, but there has been no sign yet of the other missing man.

The troubling disappearance comes days after a woman drowned in the chilly lake. Her death on Friday marked the third drowning at the popular getaway spot so far this summer.

The tragedies have renewed calls for better signage at lake, something Mayor Leo Facio said he’ll consider.

“We’re open to discussion,” Facio said. “We hope to get some more information [on] the details of this terrible tragedy that happened to this family.”

The latest drowning victim has been identified by the first name Lyndsay. She was in her 20s, and worked as a server at Beatnik’s Bistro in Fort Langley.

A memorial has been set up inside the restaurant and the manager, Angela Hazelton, released a statement saying the tragedy has hit staff members hard.

"It is hard to find words to express our sorrow for the loss of Lyndsay,” she said.

“She was a beautiful soul and a beloved member of our Beatnik’s family. Our entire staff is grieving.”

Danny Reid and Gary Duong, ages 23 and 25, drowned in Harrison Lake in June after becoming separated from the group they were rafting with. Friends say the young men were strong swimmers.

A public service announcement video was released after their death, with dire warnings about the strong currents and unpredictable nature of the popular swimming spot.