Nearly 16 months after a Surrey teen was stabbed to death, a murder charge has been laid in the case.

Mounties found the victim, 17-year-old Jaylen Sandhu, gravely injured after responding to reported of a fight the afternoon of Dec. 19, 2014. Sandhu was rushed to hospital, but succumbed to his injuries.  

On Monday, the Integrated Homicide Investigaiton Team announced one count of second-degree murder has been approved against a suspect, who can’t be named because he was also 17 at the time.

Sgt. Stephanie Ashton said a suspect was identified early on, but forensics were needed to obtain charge approval from Crown.

The suspect, who knew the victim, was arrested Friday out of province, but police would not say where. He is slated to appear in Surrey court Monday.

“Jaylen came from a tight-knit family who are now dealing with the events of his death a second time as they hear the news of this arrest,” said Ashton.

IHIT said there is nothing to indicate that the crime is linked to gang activity in Surrey.

“We know that it was an altercation… a high school incident,” said Ashton.  

Investigators credited cooperation on the part of witnesses and the victim's family for helping bring about charges in the case.