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Caught on camera: B.C. police officer punches man during arrest after Offspring concert


An Abbotsford police officer was caught on camera punching a man twice in the face during the course of an arrest this weekend, prompting a review by the department and a provincial watchdog.

In a news release Monday, The Abbotsford Police Department responded to video circulating on social media that captured the incident Saturday night following a concert by The Offspring.

The video, which is about a minute and a half long, shows five officers and several members of the public – including one man who is face-down on the ground.

When the man stands up he is flanked by two uniformed officers, one holding each of his arms. When the man appears to try and move away from the officers, one punches him twice in the side of the face.

Then the man falls to the ground.

More officers enter the frame while the man is handcuffed and onlookers start yelling at the police, telling them they are being filmed.

In its statement, the department describes what it says happened before the camera started rolling.

"After the concert was let out, officers were dealing with a member of the public when an unrelated citizen, who became the subject of the video, began to interfere with the officer’s investigation," spokesperson Sgt. Paul Walker writes in the statement. "During this time, the man ignored police direction to disengage, but he continued."

Then authorities provide a summary of what followed.

"As a result of the man’s actions, police advised him that he was under arrest for obstruction. During the arrest, the man continued to be non-compliant, resulting in the officer using force on him, striking him twice in the face before taking him into custody and placing him in handcuffs."

The incident is being investigated by the Abbotsford Police Department's professional standards section and B.C.'s Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner has been informed.

"AbbyPD is committed to obtaining all information which led to the use of force in this situation. Unfortunately, as this incident is under investigation, we cannot provide further comment," Walker's statement concluded.

Warning: The embedded video of the incident features profanity. Top Stories

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