Police have confirmed that the body of missing North Shore senior Joan Warren has been found in Lynn Canyon Park.

On Sunday afternoon a hiker and his dog came across the deceased 76-year-old woman in an area not far from the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge.

Warren, who had Alzheimer’s disease, wandered away from her seniors living home on Friday morning.

After a weekend of extensive searching in frigid temperatures, RCMP and North Shore Rescue called off the search earlier in the day, but urged the public to stay vigilant and keep their eyes open for the missing woman.

According to her daughter, Warren was moved to Sunrise Senior Living in August after she had become lost after going for a walk from her own home.

“She had a bracelet that she was wearing so that she couldn’t go out without an alarm sounding off but I guess she wasn’t wearing it on Friday,” Warren’s daughter, Celia Dino said.

Earlier in the day before her mother was found, Dino had said the cold weather had her worried about a positive outcome.

“The weather is so cold we’re not really holding out a lot of hope but we are really looking for some closure,” she said. “We need to find her.

“When we feel like this has some closure then we’ll be standing back and looking at the whole situation and what happened and try to piece it together.”

The director of operations at Sunrise Senior Living said he couldn’t comment on how Warren was able to wander away from her care home without anyone noticing.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Shannon Paterson.