The majority of us enjoy a sweet treat and this week you can indulge for a fantastic cause.

Cupcake Day has expanded and this has made way for the most delicious week of the year. BC SPCA Treat Week means that you can host an event on a day that best suits you or celebrate for the entire week.

Monies raised go directly to helping abandoned, neglected and abused animals across the province. 

On CTV Morning Live we opted for some Treat Week inspiration so we ventured to The Pie Hole in Vancouver.

In partnership with The Sweet & Simple Kitchen they are hosting a baking fundraiser on Feb. 25 and March 3 at their Fraser Street location to support the BC SPCA. This is a great option for those that may not be so savvy in the kitchen.

Even better, I learned they had discreet packaging available so you can fudge the details at the office when it comes to sharing who was really responsible for the baking.

With so many ways to get involved during Treat Week, there will be tremendous benefit for our furever friends throughout the province.

The BC SPCA operates 44 locations in B.C. and assists more than 45,000 animals every year. Treat Week runs until March 3.