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B.C. woman facing steep medical bills, uncertain future after Thailand crash


The family of a Victoria, B.C., woman who was seriously injured in an accident in Thailand is pleading for help as medical bills pile up.

Danielle Kliaman, 21, was riding her scooter in the small island of Koh Phangan on Saturday when an alleged drunk driver came into her lane and struck her, according to her sister, Jessica.

“Her right foot is completely smushed and mangled,” Jessica told CTV News.

“Every singe bone in her foot is broken,” she said.

Jessica says Danielle was initially taken to a hospital in Koh Samui, but the family later paid around $30,000 to have her airlifted to Bangkok.

She says her sister underwent surgery to treat an infection, but that she’ll need about four more operations before she can come home.

“It wasn't her fault, it was a local person who came into her lane and pushed her off her scooter. It’s a miracle she’s even alive,” Jessica said.

Jessica says there was several eyewitnesses to the accident, but the driver fled.

She says her family is not sure if Danielle’s foot can be saved, meaning it may have to be amputated.

“She’s scared, she’s really scared,” said Jessica.

She says while Danielle does have health insurance, many of the costs will not be covered, nor will the money be paid out in time to help save her foot.

The family anticipates that the remaining operations will each cost at least $20,000 each, and have started an online fundraiser to help cover some of the costs.

“Even when she does get home she’s going to need home care, she’s going to have to learn how to walk again,” said Jessica.

“No matter what people can donate, it is just so deeply appreciated.” Top Stories

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