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B.C. nurse's registration cancelled for 5 years after sexual offences

A medical stethoscope is seen in this undated image. (Shutterstock) A medical stethoscope is seen in this undated image. (Shutterstock)

A B.C. nurse has had his registration cancelled for several years after pleading guilty to sexual offences.

In a notice about a consent agreement, the B.C. College of Nurses and Midwives said Colin Hall won't be able to reapply for his registration for five years. The consent agreement was to "address conduct issues underlying the registrant's guilty pleas to sexual offences, and for engaging in workplace harassment of colleagues," the BCCNM's notice said.

Few additional details were given about Hall's offences, but BCCNM confirmed with CTV News Vancouver in an email that Hall was the subject of a 2019 police investigation in Port Alberni. In August of that year, police issued a statement asking potential victims of an alleged serial sex offender to come forward, saying Hall was arrested that spring. 

Investigators said they learned about multiple alleged victims, some of whom were minors at the time of the alleged assaults. Police said the allegations spanned "several years," and may have occurred in other locations.

In May 2019, Hall was arrested on new offences. At the time, he was charged with seven counts of sexual interference, seven counts of sexual assault, and three counts of invitation to sexual touching.

The BCCNM said Hall voluntarily converted to non-practising registration on Aug. 19, 2019 while that investigation was underway. He has not been authorized to practise since then.

"BCCNM remained in contact with RCMP during the criminal proceedings while engaging in parallel investigation," the college said in its emailed statement.

BCCNM's internal investigation ended in August 2023, after which the college worked with Hall and his counsel to reach the consent agreement, which was published on Feb. 20.

"The inquiry committee found that the most severe outcome was necessary to ensure that public safety was not compromised and to maintain confidence in the regulator's mandate of protecting the public," the BCCM's statement about the consent agreement said.

"In the event that the registrant reapplies for practising registration in the future, the registrant will be required to satisfy the registration committee that they meet the requirements of fitness, competence, and good character." Top Stories

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