A Metro Vancouver man was found guilty this week following reports that clients were sexually assaulted during massages.

Jin Han Liu was found guilty on Monday of two counts of sexual assault.

The 64-year-old masseur from Richmond was arrested back in August 2020, after a victim reported being assaulted in New Westminster.

Police released some details on the allegation, including the location and that a man had been arrested, and said more victims came forward in the weeks that followed.

They did not say how many more victims filed reports.

In a news release announcing the verdict on Thursday, police in New Westminster said the department's victim assistance unit is available to those who came forward.

"We take sexual assault investigations extremely seriously and we will leave no stone unturned to ensure that suspects who engage in these types of crimes are held to account before our justice system," Sgt. Thom said in the release.

Liu will be sentenced in the fall, police said.