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B.C. man 'attacked suddenly' by adult grizzly near Alberta boundary: RCMP


A B.C. man is recovering from multiple injuries after he was "attacked suddenly" by an adult grizzly bear near Elkford Thursday afternoon.

Mounties said they were called around 3 p.m. about a bear attack near the industrial park west of Highway 43. According to police, two men were tracking a bear with dogs when a 36-year-old was attacked.

"The man suffered numerous injuries, including broken bones and lacerations to his body during the attack," Mounties said in a news release. "The man was able to defend himself with his firearm and the bear ran off. The other man, his father, called for help."

As the incident happened on a steep mountainside, multiple agencies responded, including conservation officers, RCMP, local search-and-rescue teams and paramedics. A long-line helicopter rescue was conducted after the injured man was moved about 200 metres down the mountain.

Highway 43 was temporarily closed Thursday to prepare a landing spot for an air ambulance and the man was taken to Calgary's Foothills hospital. He was in stable condition when he left the scene, police said.

"All remaining personnel (were) able to exit the location without other contact with the animal, which remained at large," Mounties said in their statement.

Conservation officers searched the area for the injured bear, which was eventually found dead near the original scene.

According to the BC Conservation Officer Service, an investigation is underway into the incident in partnership with Alberta Fish and Wildlife. Officials haven't confirmed whether the victim was hunting the grizzly bear that attacked him. However, hunting grizzly bears is prohibited in B.C., except by Indigenous people for food, social or ceremonial purposes.

B.C.'s Environment Ministry confirmed to CTV News that, if the investigation determines the victim was hunting the grizzly bear killed on Thursday, he could face charges. Top Stories


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