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B.C. brothers and friend win massive Super Bowl 50/50 raffle


Getting tickets to the Super Bowl is already a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – and three B.C. residents also managed to walk away winners of the event's massive 50/50 raffle.

Brothers Brian and Scott Krafte told CTV News they flew to Las Vegas with their friend Steve last weekend to watch Super Bowl LVIII.

They bought 50/50 tickets at the end of each quarter, but didn't think to check their ticket against the winning number until they were at their hotel the next night.

"I started reading off the number and (Steve) went, ‘Yeah? Yeah? Yeah?’" Brian recalled. "So I said, ‘Come on, you’re lying – give me those tickets.'"

Once they realized their luck, the two men started "high-fiving and just jumping around the hotel room and hugging," Brian said.

But Scott was in a different room, unaware they had just won approximately US$251,000.

Brian said he called his brother to come to his room quick, joking that Steve was sick and they needed him. It didn't take long for Scott to realize something was off.

“I turned the corner and there’s Steve standing there with the biggest smile on his face,” said Scott. “He said, ‘We won the 50/50!"

After taxes, the trio expects to walk away with more than US$58,000 each.

And what they plan to do with their earnings?

Scott said he'll be using the money towards his daughter's wedding – while Brian is planning to test his luck with another trip to Las Vegas.

“Got my flight booked already!” he said. Top Stories

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