Police are alerting the public that Kayla Bourque, the former Simon Fraser University student jailed for butchering animals, plans to move into New Westminster.

Bourque pleaded guilty to killing two family pets and possessing a knife for a dangerous purpose in 2009 and was deemed a high-risk violent offender by the B.C. Corrections Branch.

“Bourque has an escalating criminal history,” the branch warned in a release. “She has offended violently against both people and animals.”

Bourque, who is in her mid-20s, came under investigation after a frightened SFU classmate raised concerns about her behaviour to campus security.

A search of her residence found what police described as a “kill kit” with a knife, syringe, restraints, black gloves and a demon mask.

Court documents obtained by CTV News revealed evidence suggesting Bourque had fantasized about killing people since childhood, including members of her adoptive family and the homeless.

New Westminster police promised she will also be subject to intensive monitoring by officers and the Corrections Branch while living in the city.

Bourque is also subject to 47 court-imposed conditions, including a curfew from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. and electronic supervision.

She’s also barred from having contact with animals or vulnerable people, including the infirmed, the elderly, people under 18 years old, and people with mental or physical disabilities.

To read the full list of conditions, click here.

Anyone who sees Bourque violating any of her conditions is asked to call the New Westminster Police Department at 604-525-5411.