An environmental group that released half a dozen chickens in MLA Ida Chong's constituency office earlier this week has apologized for its actions.

Will Horter, executive director of Victoria-based Dogwood Initiative, says his group didn't technically hatch the plan, but the activists who carried it out are associated with Dogwood.

The activists were taking part in a rally near Chong's Oak Bay-Gordon Head office Tuesday when they released the birds. They say they're upset with the B.C. Liberal government's foot-dragging on what to do with 28,000 hectares of forest land on southern Vancouver Island.

One activist said the group released the birds because government leaders have been chickens on the issue.

Though Horter apologized Thursday and pledged his group won't allow such measures again, he also took time to blast the province for failing to protect the land and the public interest.

The chickens were taken in by Victoria animal control and Horter says steps are being taken to ensure the birds go to a humane home.