A 25-pound chocolate coin on display at Science World in Vancouver, B.C., could be a record-breaking piece of pirate booty.

Part of an exhibition called Treasure!, the milk chocolate coin valued at $625 is a draw prize for participants in a Science World treasure hunt.

Curator Brian Anderson submitted a proposal to Guinness World Records last week in hopes of claiming it as the largest chocolate coin. No such category exists, but he's hoping for approval in order to take the title.

Chocolatiers Gary Mitchell, Jess Nolasco and Rita Craig from Purdy's Chocolates spent more than eight hours creating the coin using four-and-a-half litres of milk, 5.56 grams of sugar and more than 10,000 cocoa beans. It's 60 cm wide and 5 cm thick.

The draw for the coin is on Sept. 7.