A Mission, B.C., family has a new bundle of joy -- a very big bundle of joy.

Josh Ferguson and Jennifer Armitage welcomed their new baby Marcus into this world two weeks ago, weighing in at a whopping 13 pounds, 13.5 ounces, and just over 24 inches long.

Ferguson said the birth was extremely easy, with his partner only in labour for just 15 minutes before the baby made his big debut.

For her part, Armitage said the birth wasn't so easy.

"I never screamed that loud before in my life," she said.

She did not have a C-section and the birth was drug-free. She does need to see a chiropractor because of spinal stress from carrying the big baby during pregnancy.

Armitage said Marcus was born without diabetes, which often causes babies to have a high birth weight.

"He was just big," she said.

Her first child, big sister Mataya, weighed just seven pounds, 14 ounces at birth.

The family says none of the baby clothes given to them before Marcus' birth fit because he's already wearing clothes meant for babies nine to 12 months older than him.

The delivery nurse at Abbotsford hospital told the proud parents their baby boy is the largest she's seen in more than 20 years of deliveries and he outweighs the local record by 2.8 pounds.

The Children's & Women's Health Centre in Vancouver says about one in 68,000 babies born at their facility weighs more than 13 pounds. With about 7,000 deliveries a year, they would have a baby the size of Marcus about once a decade.