The Vancouver Whitecaps are raising a lot of eyebrows with a highly unusual offer for a professional sports franchise.

It’s a money-back guarantee for fans who may be thinking of turning their backs on the struggling team.

"We really wanted to show them our belief in our vision, our commitment to MLS, this club and this market.” said Whitecaps FC Chief Operating Officer Rachel Lewis.

“We want to give fans an opportunity to see us take action on that."

The message to fans was sent through the team's advertising for 2020 season tickets.

The club is offering those signing up a chance to back out without risks if they do not like the team’s direction or – more simply put – next year’s roster.

“As we look towards January, we will be looking to bring players to really help this team,” Lewis assured.

The Whitecaps are also promising to spend more money this offseason, which is something fans and even MLS Commissioner Don Garber has pushed them to do.

"Now, when I see Alphonso Davies get sold for what could be 22 million dollars – Greg Kerfoot and his club need to use that money to bring someone in that is going to be as exciting as Alphonso," Garber said last December.

Lewis said any fan that has opted into their season tickets for next year can call anytime from now and the end of January, “and if they are not satisfied they have the opportunity to opt out risk free.”

Some fans are excited about the offer.

“Actually, after seeing that – since I go sometimes with my cousin anyway – I might do it,” said Raj Nijjer, who seemed convinced.

Meanwhile, others want to wait to see how the team performs on the field next year before making a decision.

“Season ticket holders should have till 1-2 months into the season to decide,” Mike Madden wrote on Facebook.