SURREY, B.C. -- Talk about being caught red-handed, never mind embarrassed.

Surveillance video captured Saturday night shows a man smashing the glass of the front door of the Cell Clinic in Surrey, B.C.

Next, the apparent crook tries desperately to push through a security gate. The gate bows and flexes until finally the man is able to slide underneath.

Once in the store, he appears to realize all of the pricey merchandise of the shop on 104th Avenue has been removed.

With alarms ringing and time running out, he decides to bolt. But he can't get out.

Owner Peggy Berndt was alerted that someone had tried to break in, and watched the incident unfold through a security app on her mobile phone.

"Well, there's quite an adrenaline rush, I'll tell you that," Berndt told CTV News Tuesday of how she felt watching what appeared to be an attempted burglary.

The hooded man is seen in the video trying to slip back under the gate, then getting stuck. He pulls violently on the fencing, but it won't give.

"This is not our first rodeo, right?" Berndt said, admitting her business has been broken into before.

Of the gate that trapped the alleged crook, she said that every time there's an attempted theft, she learns from it.

The video shows the man frantically looking around, presumably for a key to open the gate.

"He was just in panic mode," the owner recalled.

But it was too late.

The room is seen suddenly getting brighter as police cruisers pull up outside, lighting up the shop.

He throws his hands up and, with the help of Surrey Mounties, climbs out. He was then placed behind a different gate at the police station.