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'They don't seem to care': workers call out Vancouver cleaning company for delayed wages


Three former contractors of the Vancouver-based 'Scrubbi' are speaking out on the company's payment practices.

"My first payment was delayed about 12-15 days, that's when the trouble started with the money," said Ana Dominguez via translator.

Dominguez moved to Vancouver from Mexico with her young family in search of a better life.

She says she waited nearly a month for the company to pay her the more than $1,800 she was owed.

"I have been struggling a lot with all the bills that we have to pay because I have a young boy," said Dominguez. "It's been very hard for us as a family."

Last week Dominguez shared her story via social media to see if any other contractors were dealing with the same payment issue.

That's when she connected with Kelly Davis in Ottawa.

Davis says she worked for the company for five months and claims the company delayed her payments on multiple occasions. She eventually resigned.

"You know, I'm working part-time and doing school and college and I have a child so it's definitely been really frustrating," said Davis. "They don't seem to care."

Another contractor living in Victoria has also come forward.

"I've been hounding them since March 16," said Jessalyn Honish, who claims she's owed more than $900 in wages. "I've had zero luck."

Honish sent CTV News emails which appear to show her exchanges with Scrubbi staff. One email from Scrubbi Care dated March 17 claims Honish can "expect to receive (her) money by the end of the day."

Another email dated March 20 reads she will “receive it anytime between now and the 23.”

The company followed up with another email saying she would receive the money no later than March 31.

Honish confirmed to CTV News Tuesday she has yet to receive the funds.

In a statement to CTV News, the company acknowledged its recent payment issues.

"Scrubbi recently transitioned to using a third-party vendor to process payment to its contractors and vendors. During the transition period, some payments did not process properly, which affected a small minority of contractors and vendors. To resolve any outstanding payment issues, Scrubbi encourages the contractors and vendors to reach out directly to Scrubbi."

Dominguez has since started working for another cleaning company.

After CTV News reached out to Scrubbi Tuesday morning, both Dominguez and Davis say they were paid in full by late Tuesday afternoon. Top Stories

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