An Arizona therapist is in British Columbia trying to teach the province how to shake the stress out of their lives.

David Berceli has travelled the globe helping everyone from soldiers to school children recover from the trauma of war or natural disasters.

Berceli said when people are stressed or frightened, the body constricts and holds the trauma internally.

His technique is called Trauma and Tension Release Exercises.

Berceli said animals and children naturally tremble when they’re scared to release stress, but adults have trained themselves to hold it in.

Essentially the exercises encourage the participant to shake like a leaf to trigger trembling to relieve stress.

“Even soldiers coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan tell me they shook tremors, but hid it because it was seen as being weak,” said Berceli.

He said the technique isn’t just for soldiers and refugees; anyone can shake to relieve stress.

Berceli is in Metro Vancouver after a local massage therapist Christine Steward became intrigued with his work and invited him.

After his brief stay in B.C., Berceli will be heading to Libya to help those affected by the recent violent revolution there.

With a report from CTV British Columbia’s Julia Foy