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'The sky's the limit': Metro Vancouver gas prices hit a staggering 209.9 cents per litre


Since breaking the all-time record Wednesday, the price of gasoline in Metro Vancouver has done it again, and again, climbing another 23 cents in just four days.

The average price of gasoline rose to 209.9 cents a litre Sunday morning.

That means it costs drivers $11.50 more to fill up a 50-litre tank than it did just a few days ago.

“Of course I left it until this morning, and it just jumped by 10 cents,” one Vancouver resident told CTV News. “I am just trying to wrap my head around everything: Food, gas, the cost of living, I mean, it’s an expensive city.”

Most gas stations were relatively quiet Sunday, except for a handful that were still charging 198.9 a litre. Those pumps saw drivers lined up to buy what’s now considered “cheaper” fuel, but was a record-breaking high just a couple of days ago.

Dan McTeague, president of Canadians for Affordable Energy, said Sunday that he thinks prices will keep climbing through the coming week.

“The sky’s the limit. There is no end to this,” he told CTV News.

“We’ve got to get more independent,” said another driver. “We’ve got to start getting more refineries, more options. You know, don’t put all our eggs in one basket.”

The rapid spike is due largely to increased demand for fuel, the price of oil and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Top Stories

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