VANCOUVER -- When the prize is right on the game show "The Price is Right," contestants convulse with joy.

And Stephen Witka sure looked happy when he won an all-expense trip from Los Angeles to Prince George, B.C. Mind you, CBS didn’t show him a picture of the northern city, instead displaying a lovely image of Lake Louise.

The prize puzzled many, especially the people of Prince George.

“Oh boy, is he ever gonna be disappointed,” wrote Avery Johnson on Twitter.

“Probably get robbed,” joked Bruce Woods on Facebook.

The psychiatric nurse practitioner will stay six nights at The Prestige Treasure Cove Hotel.

“We’ve been kind of pushing him to come in the summertime, because there’s more to do,” said hotel general manager Connor Bull. “His reaction has been nothing but excellent.”

The Treasure Cove Casino next-door is planning to fly him by helicopter to Lake Louise.

“I was surprised to see Prince George as a prize,” laughed casino marketing director Amanda Chandler. “I thought it was very cool.”

Both Chandler and Bull agree most people in town don’t know how lucky they are.

“There's fishing just around the corner, there's hiking trails, there's seven lakes near us,” Bull proudly pointed out.

“I was actually surprised just to see the reaction from so many local residents. I get that Prince George has a little bit of a stigma, but what city doesn’t?” argued Chandler.

Witka will head up north as soon as he and his wife can get time off.

Whenever that may be, the city is determined to show them a royally good time.