Christmas shoppers, take note: ICBC has released a list of Metro Vancouver’s most dangerous parking lots for pedestrian accidents.

Between 2008 and 2012, at least 129 pedestrians were injured in a dozen mall parking lots, including 32 outside Burnaby’s Metrotown Mall alone.

Coquitlam Centre and Park Royal Mall in West Vancouver each saw 17 pedestrian injuries over the same period, followed by Richmond Centre with 15.

ICBC said some of the numbers could be even higher, as it’s difficult to accurately pinpoint crashes at malls.

Concord Security told CTV News that drivers need to take the same precautions in parking lots that they do on the road.

“Before they throw their car in reverse and start moving, they really need to look what’s behind them,” said operations manager James Blight. “We also see people texting and driving in parking lots, which is a big no-no.”

Blight said pedestrians can also do their part by using crosswalks and not texting while they walk. They should also avoid carrying large packages that block their vision, he said.

See the full list of malls, ranked by number of pedestrian accidents, below:

Metrotown Mall in Burnaby: 3,590 crashes with 231 injured, including 32 pedestrians
Coquitlam Centre in Coquitlam: 1,610 crashes with 99 injured, including 17 pedestrians
Park Royal Mall in West Vancouver: 2,490 crashes with 182 injured, including 17 pedestrians
Richmond Centre in Richmond: 1,820 crashes with 64 injured, including 15 pedestrians
Guildford Mall in Surrey: 1,840 crashes with 134 injured, including 14 pedestrians
Willowbrook Mall in Langley: 1,540 crashes with 160 injured, including 11 pedestrians
Oakridge Mall in Vancouver: 1,490 crashes with 89 injured, including 10 pedestrians
Brentwood Mall in Burnaby: 1,090 crashes with 53 injured, including five pedestrians
Yaohan Centre in Richmond: 352 crashes with 13 injured, including four pedestrians
Meadowtown Centre in Pitt Meadows: 156 crashes with 50 injured, including four pedestrians
Seven Oaks Mall in Abbotsford: 1,840 crashes with 134 injured
Morgan Crossing in Surrey: 118 crashes with nine injured

With a report from CTV British Columbia’s Michele Brunoro