Canadians eat an average of 36 pounds of cheese per person each year. But most cheese has 32 percent milk fat. That's a lot.

So, is it possible to create a low-fat cheese but retain the same full taste, texture and ability to melt?

Ali Chernoff, a registered dietician with an appetite for cheese, decided to find out.

"Regular cheese is the same as drinking two servings of cream," she said.

Chernoff partnered with a Canadian cheese manufacturer to produce Essential Cheese, a lower fat product.

"Now I make lasagna, and pizza and pasta, throw it in my eggs. It's great," she said.

But do others feel the same way?

CTV convinced Chernoff to put her cheese up against Allegro brand's low-fat cheese in a blind taste test. Essential has 7 percent fat. Allegro has 4 percent.

Both cheeses boast 60 calories per 30 grams.

The result? Sixty percent of those surveyed said they liked Essential over Allegro.

Essential does cost more than Allegro -- $4.99 per 100 grams compared to $3.69.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Chris Olsen