Sometimes the right bottle of wine comes in a box. Hard to believe but in the interest of value - it's something consumers should consider especially if they are feeding a crowd at a back yard barbecue or family gathering.

Consumer Reports had wine experts taste-test boxed wines, not knowing they came from a box. They evaluated some chardonnays and some merlots. The merlots were not quite as good as the chardonnays.

"The two merlots weren't very complex and they had a bit of overripe fruit, but for a casual party, they would fit the bill," Consumer Reports' Maxine Siegel said.

Testers say if you're going to try boxed wines a good choice is a chardonnay. Boxed wines may also come with an easy pour spout. They're easy to open and reseal. They also chill quickly and they won't break if you drop them.

One big reason not to turn up your nose at boxed wines is the price. The box might hold 5 bottles of wine which work out to be as little as $6.40 a bottle.

Some people are just not going to like the idea. Several factors add to your enjoyment of a glass of wine --besides the wine itself. There's the ritual of uncorking the bottle --letting it breathe --and there's value to that. But Consumer Reports' point is that if you can get past the negative image there can be some very tasty wines when you think inside the box .

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Chris Olsen