A farmers' market at new location in the heart of Vancouver at Main Street Station at Thornton Park is attracting quite a bit of attention. It is hard to miss and with 40 vendors, the list of items for sale is a long one.

"We're selling garlic, and tomato plants, dried fruits, apple chips, no sugar jams," says vendor Annamarie Klippenstein.

And just down the way another vendor is offering halibut, sable fish, sockeye salmon.

What you find there is as varied as the people.

"Pork chops , and we picked up strawberries and we picked up humus dip jams honey," said one shopper.

"New potatoes some rhubarb and some lovely tulips and just for my brother because he's so special I got him vinaigrette cranberry," joked another.

From fresh cut flowers to fresh eggs, fresh is the watchword at a farmers' market. Still, price is always an issue --especially when the economy slows down. And that's meant the market has adopted some new strategies this year.

"We've found people are looking for a little extra value and our farmers are aware of that our venders know that's the case so they are trying to make options available for them in bulk buying options, buying prepackaged items buying seconds for preserving," said the market's Roberta Laguaglia.

And where they can't sell for less --organizers want people to know their prices are competitive and fair.

"Generally speaking the certified organic food at the market is at supermarket price or what the farmer should be getting for it in order to be sustainable and actually continue growing food," said Laguaglia.

If you are travelling the province this summer dropping into a local market can really add something new to your vacation.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Chris Olsen.