The internet is making coupon clipping easier and with an uncertain economy, coupon use is bound to pick up. These days it's not really so much about clipping coupons - as it is about clicking on them.

Debbie Watson started clipping coupons four years ago - she says at first it was out of necessity - but now she does it because it just makes sense. She says even though you can save a lot of money - there's a reason people don't do it.

"Pride," Watson said. "People have to get past embarrassment. Now people want me to tell them how to do it."

Once she got $50 worth of groceries for just one penny. Now she is one of the top contributors on - a website dedicated to Canadian coupon clippers. Almost 50,000 members are dedicated to helping each other save.

Watson says she keeps track of every dollar she saves and last year she says she saved enough to buy a new refrigerator, flat screen TV and couch.

The Smart Canucks website is free and there are other sites as well, like Red Flag Deals, Flyer Land and one of our viewers told us about Retail Me Not. It has coupons for big retailers like Toys r Us, Sears, Future Shop and many more. Our viewer used a promotional code she found on the site to save 10 per cent off a Westjet flight she booked for the fall.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Chris Olsen