VANCOUVER -- A Langley, B.C., woman fears going back to the grocery store, where she stood up for a health-care worker that she felt was being harassed.

Stephanie, who doesn’t want us to use her last name in the article* for safety reasons, says she was bagging her groceries at a Superstore location on Jan. 12 when she saw a man scold a woman for getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

"He wasn’t wearing a mask," she said. “He told her, 'You don’t know what they’re putting into you, it’s government controlled.'"

She told CTV News the health-care worker seemed scared and was looking around for help. Stephanie pulled out her phone and started recording, then asked the man to stop.

“I’m not harassing anyone,” the man can be heard in the video, which was posted on TikTok.

“Are you a Nazi? Are you in charge of monitoring who’s having a discussion with who?”

Stephanie said she was left shaking and terrified by the interaction.

“You’d make a great Bolshevik," the man told her. "You should get a brown shirt on. What a nut job."

Police are aware of the exchange and are reviewing the video. They called the incident unusual, but don’t believe a crime was committed.

“It is extremely rare, but there’s nothing about the times that we’re living in right now that are normal,” said Cpl. Holly Largy of Langley RCMP. “So I would only venture to guess that it’s going to keep happening.”

The health-care worker can be heard thanking Stephanie, who stayed by her side until the worker finished gathering her groceries.

*Note: Stephanie allowed us to use her last name in broadcast. Because it is difficult to pronounce and spell, she can still keep her anonymity.